Kickuth Engineered Wetland systems have been installed to treat many different types of municipal and industrial wastewaters.

System Advantages

There are a number of advantages to choosing an Abydoz Engineered Wetlandfor wastewater treatment. Some of these advantages are given below.

Quality of Effluent

The effluent from the wetland will be designed to meet all regulatory discharge limits. They can also form a partial solution in various systems to complement other technologies or waste systems.

Proven Results

Abydoz systems have undergone stringent testing programs through the National Research Council of Canada and the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation. With numerous awards based on treatment results Kickuth/Abydoz Engineered Wetlands have a proven track record in treating various types of wastewaters.

No Chemicals

No chemical addition is needed for the wetland system so there is no risk of a hazardous spill or leakage into the local watershed. This also greatly reduces operating costs and eliminates the need for buildings electricity, storage issues, and hazards.

Few Mechanical Parts

The system can easily be designed to use gravity flow, reducing the need for pumps, lift stations and other mechanical devices. This also reduces electrical requirements and again operating costs.

Long System Life

The life of this system is estimated to be a minimum of 40 years. Currently the oldest Kickuth systems are between 36 and 44 years of age and show no signs of reduced performance. Once in operation the system is an appreciating asset and performance actually improves as the system ages. The expected life of thewetlands is estimated as 60 - 80 years and may be significantly longer.

Modular and Easily Expandable

Should the wastewater generation grow more rapidly than expected or if future development is needed, the wetland system can be expanded by adding a bed or beds to accommodate the added flows. Additional beds can easily be added to the system as they are needed without the tear up of any existing infrastructure.

Small Footprint

As this patented system is an engineered solution, the wetlands are much smaller than conventional constructed wetland systems. Typically the Kickuth engineered wetland can be 4 to 5 times smaller than constructed wetland systems.

Low Energy Consumption

The only requirement for electricity is to screen the effluent and move the pump the effluent if required. Therefore minimal energy is required to run the system, especially in comparison to mechanical systems.

Low Maintenance

Different from many mechanical systems, the system is self-regulating and adapts very well to significant variations in loadings and flows with out the need for an operator. This ensures there is no need for mechanical pumps, aerators, or complex control components, which would require maintenance and replacement.

The system requires regular monitoring but does not require highly specialized staff to operate. Abydoz can provide a full service contract for each system or operator training programs can be given such that the system can generally be operated by the existing current work force.

Landscaping Features

The wetland system is a very natural, aesthetically pleasing system. Viewing areas, educational display boards, and walking trails can easily be incorporated into the design of the system. We encourage school trips and provide an engineer to give tours for schools in communities that install systems.

Carbon Credits and Green Funding

Because the system is a "green" innovative technology, Carbon Credits and Green Funding are often achievable for systems of this nature.

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