Marystown Pilot Municipal Sewage Treatment Project

In 2001, an Abydoz Engineered Wetland pilot project was installed to treat sewage from approximately 35 homes in Marystown, Newfoundland. Due to the success of the Marystown system and an independent review over 2 years by BAE NewPlan (SNC Lavalin), Abydoz was granted approval in 2004 from the provincial regulators to construct full-scale municipal engineered wetland systems in Newfoundland and Labrador.


  • Population: 35 Homes; 122 P.E. (Population Equivalent)
  • Average Flow: 55 m3/day
  • Wetland Treatment Area: 640 m2

Inlet Concentration:

  • 133 mg/L BOD
  • 55 mg/L TSS

Outlet Concentration:

  • 20 mg/L BOD
  • 30 mg/L TSS

Process Description

The system is comprised of a 5,000 gallon septic tank for solids settling followed by two sub-surface flow horizontal wetland beds, operating in parallel. The effluent undergoes biological treatment in the wetlands and treated effluent is independent consultant in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada. Treatment results were consistently high. Display boards and walking trails have been incorporated into the wetland project to provide environmental education. Abydoz provides assistance with school tours at our system locations.

Actual Treatment Results: (average over 2 year testing period)

  • BOD: 60 mg/L reduced to 7.2 mg/L (88% Reduction)
  • TSS: 74 mg/L reduced to 17.6 mg/L (76% Reduction)

Total Project Cost:

  • $360,000 (approximately)