Duck Pond Mine Sewage Treatment and Polishing Pond Planting

In 2009, Abydoz was contracted to design and construct an Abydoz Engineered Wetland to treat the sewage from the Duck Pond Mine near Millertown, Newfoundland. The wetland would replace the existing leach field to provide additional treatment for the wastewater from the offices and camp at the mine site.

Additionally, the specialized reed plants used in the wetland systems were planted along the shore of the polishing pond to provide supplementary treatment and soil stabilization for the wastewater from the mill / mine.


  • Population: 140 – 180 P.E. (Population Equivalent)
  • Average Flow: 52 m3/day
  • Wetland Treatment Area: 715 m2

Inlet Concentration:

  • 60 mg/L BOD
  • 200 mg/L TSS

Outlet Concentration: (Ocean Discharge)

  • 20 mg/L BOD
  • 10 mg/L TSS

Process Description

The existing septic tank was used for solids settling and a horizontal flow wetland bed was constructed to treat the wastewater to discharge standards. The effluent flows into the mill tailings pond.

The polishing pond planting was done along the shore of the pond in an effort to increase the treatment of the effluent. Thus far minimal changes have been seen in the treatment levels.

Actual Treatment Results:

Not Available Testing has been conducted by the mine with all results being indicated as acceptable.

Total Project Cost:

  • $170,000 (approximately)

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