Watershed Awards 2010 Regional Winner Town of Appleton-Glenwood, Newfoundland: Watch the FCM Award Video

Appleton-Glenwood Wastewater Treatment Facility

Prior to 2006 the towns of Appleton and Glenwood had overloaded, outdated sewage treatment systems. The Abydoz Engineered Wetland system was constructed to treat the sewage generated in both towns and was commissioned in December 2006 – June 2007.


  • Population: 1,800 P.E. (Population Equivalent)
  • Average Flow: 3,500 m3/day
  • Wetland Treatment Area: 12,000 m2

Inlet Concentration:

  • 60 mg/L BOD
  • 110 mg/L TSS

Outlet Concentration: (Fresh Water Discharge – Gander River)

  • 20 mg/L BOD
  • 30 mg/L TSS

Process Description

The effluent from both towns is pumped to the treatment facility where it passes through a small building with a grinder and a spiral lift screen to remove non organic materials. The flow then enters a series of settling chambers where solids and suspended solids settle out. During times of high infiltration, the flow is split by a weir that sends the main flow to the main wetland treatment beds and any excess to the storm water treatment bed; there is no bypass on this system. The main flow first enters a vertical flow wetland bed and is then split between the 4 horizontal flow wetland beds. The flows are recombined with the treated storm water at the end of the system and discharged to the Gander River.

Sludge from the settling chambers is pumped to the sludge treatment wetland cells on-site where it is mineralized by the plants resulting in a compost-like end product that can be used for landscaping.

Actual Treatment Results: (average over first two years operation)

  • BOD: 141 mg/L reduced to 8 mg/L (94% Reduction)
  • TSS: 1,660 mg/L reduced to 5 mg/L (99% Reduction)

Total Project Cost:

  • $5 Million (approximately)


  • 2010 Federation of Canadian Municipalities Watershed Award for Leadership in Wastewater and Storm Water Management for Atlantic Canada
  • 2010 PEG-NL Environment Award
  • 2008 Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Environment Award
  • 2007 Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce Environmental Award

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